Pinoy Blogfest 3.0 Update: Artiste Connect talks about “crowd funding”

    If you’ve been visiting torrent sites, you’d know that some of the most common types of content that are being pirated online include music and movies. Albums, films, books, and other kinds of art are made widely available online. But there are times that the manner in which these items are made available is against the law. When music and movies are shared through illegal channels, there are risks that the artists won’t get their proper compensation.

    There are, however, certain movements online that attempt to bridge the gap between consumers and producers of content. Online funding (“crowd funding”) platforms for creative projects have begun to sprout on the web, giving the consumers a chance to actually become engaged in the artists’ production of content. An example of such a platform is Kickstarter.

    In line with the theme of this year’s Pinoy Blogfest, we’ve lined up two resource speakers—Mark Laccay and Diego Mapa—from local artist funding site, Artiste Connect, to share with us how crowd funding works and how it benefits both the artist and the consumer.

    Mark is an is an Audio Engineer, Music Producer, Artist, Entrepreneur, Educator, and Art Advocate. He owns a audio post company called Click Multimedia Inc. and has won various awards for Best Sound in Cinemalaya 2007-2010. As an educator, he is the Curriculum Consultant for Audio Department of Myanmar Media Development Center and the Head Audio Consultant for MRTV4 and Forever Group Corporation Limited in Myanmar. Mark is also an Audio Consultant of yearly lectures on the correct audio practices for TV Broadcast Media and Cinema for ABS-CBN and GMA7.

    Diego is Artiste Connect’s Web Manager and the company’s Music Advocate.  He has been active in the country’s music scene since 1997 as a recording artist and live musician for local bands Pedicab, Cambio, Monsterbot and Tarsius. His band Tarsius is the first local band to press a Colored Vinyl Record in the country without a Vinyl release after 20 years, with the help of Artiste Connect. He is also a gig promoter and owns a private audio post studio.

    Catch Mark and Diego at Pinoy Blogfest 3.0 on Saturday, 4PM! If you’re into music, here’s a treat: three bands affiliated with Artiste Connect will be playing live at the event! These are: Color It RedTaken By Cars, and Ciudad. See you on Saturday, folks! Don’t forget to bring some friends.

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