Pinoy Blogfest 3.0 Update: IP attorney Ann Edillon gives the lowdown on the legal side

    Curious to know more about our country’s Intellectual Property Law, copyright, patenting, and the newly-passed Anti-Cybercrime Law? If you want to get to know the legal side of the Internet piracy issue, Atty. Ann Edillon is just the person who can help you out.

    Ann Edillon is an Intellectual Property lawyer with Bengzon Negre Untalan Intellectual Property Attorneys, among other things. As an intellectual property attorney she defends creativity, imagination, expression, and innovativeness. She earned her Juris Doctor degree from the University of the Philippines and is a member of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines. Aside from her passion for law and justice, she is also a licensed medical doctor and helps in fighting for good health and safe medicine. In her free time, she enjoys playing Diablo 2, reading fantasy novels, and watching Star Trek: The Next Generation re-runs.

    Catch Atty. Edillon at Pinoy Blogfest 3.0 on Saturday at 2:30PM! Click on this link to see what other interesting discussions and exciting activities we have in store for you at our event. See you there!

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