Sony PH unveils new Bravia models with Triluminos tech

    Archives Sony PH unveils new Bravia models with Triluminos tech


    Sony hopes to make the resolution and color reproduction of their TVs comparable to real life with the introduction of what they call Triluminos technology packed into their newest line-up of Bravia models.


    Triluminos technology expands the color gamut of the TV’s display, thus producing a broader color space. In other words, you get to see more shades of red, blue, green and any other color in a picture onscreen. Sony claims that the colors produced by their Bravia models with Triluminos technology remain as faithful as possible to the colors of the subjects in real life. The technology also produces greater depth of field and more pronounced detail in the images.


    Sony says that their newest Bravia models, including the ones that feature Triluminos technology, will be available in June 2013. The star of the line-up is the X9004A, which incorporates both Triluminos display and Sony’s 4K X-Reality Pro picture engine, and comes in 65- and 55-inch variants. With 4K technology built into it, the X9004A is able to play four times bigger than Full HD, and with the X-Reality Pro picture engine, it will be able to bring out more detail in the images and upscale the quality of standard-definition and 720p videos. The X9004A also hosts Sony’s unique Magnetic Fluid Speaker, which utilizes NASA-built technology to eliminate unnecessary noise, thus producing clear, crisp audio.

    Next in the line-up are the non-4K resolution W954A and W904A that use both Triluminos technology and the X-Reality Pro picture engine. The  W804A, W704A, W654A and W674A do not use 4K and Triluminos technology, but also run on X-Reality Pro. Tailing the line-up is the R550A, which uses Clear Resolution Enhancer technology.


    Models X9004A, W954A, W904A, W804A and W704A incorporate One-touch Mirroring—Sony’s NFC-based technology that enables users to stream any content from any picture source, such as a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone, and optimizes the picture for a better viewing experience using the TVs.

    Sony holds that each new Bravia model evokes a “sense of quartz” because of its sleek, modern design with a glass slate that seemingly hovers over a ring-shaped base.

    “Superior resolution, motion, and functionality have all improved the quality of viewing, but the 4K resolution display with the 4K X-Reality Pro and Triluminos Display will change the game in delivering unimaginable depth of color for a truly immersive experience,” stated Mr. Yasushi Asaoka, Sony Philippines President and Managing Director.

    No word yet on the pricing of the new Bravia models.

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