Sony reveals PS4 hardware, announces price and upcoming titles

    ps4Finally, Sony revealed what the actual PlayStation 4 looks like earlier today during their E3 keynote—something we expected to see during their big press conference in February, but didn’t.

    The PS4 is essentially a vertical console with a wide bottom that enables it to stand. It’s all-black, save for the blue line that runs across its upper third. The upper part of the body appears to have a glossy surface, while the bottom looks like it sports a different, more matte-type texture.


    Engadget managed to catch a glimpse of the actual device post-keynote and took a photo of it.


    The PS4 will officially hit the US market later this year during the holiday season and will retail at USD 399, making it significantly more affordable than their direct competitor, Microsoft’s Xbox One.

    Sony Computer Entertainment head Jack Tretton declared that over 140 titles are currently in development for the PS4, and roughly 100 of which will be available within the PS4’s first year in the market. Such titles include Final Fantasy XV, Assassin’s Creed IV, The Dark Sorcerer, inFamous Second Son, and The Elder Scrolls Online. Killzone Shadow Fall, Knack, and Drive Club will launch alongside the PS4 this holiday season.


    Sony took another jab at the Xbox One when Tretton announced—much to the joy of those who attended the conference—that the PS4 will not impose any restrictions on used games. This means that users can buy from and sell games to other people or borrow from and lend games to friends, and the games will work just fine on the PS4.

    Tretton also emphasized that PS4 disc-based games do not require an active internet connection to play or for any type of authentication to take place. “PS4 won’t require you to check-in online periodically. And it won’t stop working if you haven’t authenticated within 24 hours,” he explained.

    Sony also announced that the PlayStation brand will be working with other sectors of the company to provide multimedia support for PS4. Sony Pictures is working on original programming for the PS4. “Sony Pictures will do everything in our power to drive the success of PS4 by delivering new cutting-edge programming that is developed with gamers in mind and by offering access to unique content,” said Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton. Additionally, Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited, Sony’s music and video streaming services, respectively, will be available on the PS4.

    PS Plus memberships will carry over to the new console as well, giving members access to all benefits across PS3, PS Vita, and PS4.


    Images from Engadget

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