Sony Xperia Z1 announced at IFA 2013, has a 20.7MP camera and plenty of imaging apps

    0_Xperia_Z_1_FeaturedSony managed to introduce an entire catalog of electronic devices earlier, but no doubt, the hero of the show was the Xperia Z1—a fully waterproof five-incher with a Full HD display and a massive megapixel count for its camera.

    The Xperia Z1 runs its usual UI on top of an Android Jelly Bean (4.2.2) OS and operates on a 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, accompanied by 2GB of RAM. A 3000mAh battery gives the device the power to work its magic. Internal storage is only 16GB, but the phone comes with a provision for expansion via microSD. The five-inch 1920 x 1080 screen inherits Triluminos and X-Reality technology from its TV range and comes in at a pixel density of 441ppi.



    The Z1 is available in three different back cover colors: black, white, and purple. Its waterproof level certification has been raised to IP58 from the IPX5/7 rating of the Xperia Z.

    But what is perhaps the biggest upgrade from the original Xperia Z is the sensor of the main camera. Onboard are a 1/2.3-inch “Exmor RS for mobile” sensor and a “BIONZ for mobile” image processing system—both of which being borrowed technologies from Sony’s camera line. The camera of the Z1 is also capable of up to 3x “clear image zoom,” which, according to Sony, enables zero loss of image quality. The Z1 also packs a G Lens.

    To top it all off, the sensor has a freakishly high megapixel count for a smartphone. It has precisely 20.7 megapixels, which is incredibly more than what other Android smartphones currently have, but only half of what the Nokia Lumia 1020 put on the table.


    The Z1 also comes with some nifty built-in camera features, like Info-Eye, which is an image recognition function that gives you information on nearly any item you take a photo of.


    The device has an integrated AR effects function that lets you take pictures with animations on the overlay. It also has a Timeshift burst function that 61 images in just two seconds—30 frames before hitting the shutter, one upon shutter-press, and 30 after.


    In addition to the camera functionalities, Sony also equips the Z1 with the ability to livestream videos to Facebook using a feature called Social live.


    The Z1 also comes with NFC capabilities, like most of Sony’s recent high-end products, as well as 4G LTE support.

    Sony says the Xperia Z1 launches globally this month.

    Image Sources: TechCrunch, Engadget





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