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About the Model: Claudia Portall

Game heroines are created full of detail and personality that you can tell even without introduction they’re going to kick some serious in-game ass. These characters possess charm, strength, and wit: qualities that allow them to make it through the game. We found these same qualities in this month’s cover girl, Cláudia Portall.

This 21-year-old heroine hails from Brazil and has been tackling the challenges of the modeling industry since 2012. Four out of those five years were spent globetrotting: walking runways and slaying photoshoots left and right. We’re not surprised, though. A quick look at this 5’9” beauty will make you see why she’s highly in demand.

In just a month in the Philippines, Claudia has already worked with the country’s largest mall chain and now has a magazine cover under her belt, all of which she takes pride in.

Contributing to her strong and fit physique is her active way of living. Back home, she enjoys engaging in very physical sports such as football and volleyball. In her spare time, Claudia shared that she enjoys playing video games, specifically football, with her brother. If you challenge her to a football match—physical or virtual, we can say she’ll be tough to beat.

During the photoshoot, Claudia had to hold a pose seemingly forming a ball of fire. Just by watching her, anyone could tell it was exhausting. The team would tell her to relax in between takes but she’d insist on holding it as to not lose the pose. She would also exclaim that it’s like working out and then flash a smile, reassuring the team that she’s fine. This admirable trait is telling that she’s going to make it far in this industry. We’ve no doubt about it.


Also Published in GADGETS MAGAZINE March 2017 issue
Words by Mia Barrientos
Art Direction by Theresa Eloriaga
Photography by Carlo Dans Isidoro
Make-up by Boombee Bartolome
Hair by Marciel Aunzo
Styling by Jonah Mendoza
Assisted by Jael Laura Mendoza