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Photofeature: Legion Strong

In a survival game, it’s rather impossible for the main character to make it to the end without an arsenal of tough weapons on his or her person. In the same way, a gamer would fail to play to the best of his abilities without a trusty gaming device, and Lenovo’s Legion Y520 will help you blaze your way to gaming supremacy.

Harness the gaming muscle of a legion with the Y520. Don’t let its slim appearance throw you off: what’s packed on the inside is a powerful machine guaranteed to level up your gaming experience.

Life-like Gaming Audio
Built with 2×2 W. Harman speakers powered by Dolby Audio Premium, the Y520 produces ground–shaking, quality audio, transporting you right at the center of gaming action, gaining a competitive edge over other players.

Next-Generation Graphics
Immerse yourself in the glorious chaos of the battlegrounds with an NVIDIA GTX 1050/1050Ti graphics processor which makes for buttery-smooth frame rates.

Hefty Storage and Speedy Processing
The Y520 comes with generous storage options up to 512 GB of PCIe SSD or 2 TB HDD, providing ample stowing capacity for your game library while effortlessly handling tasks here and there.

Extreme Cooling
Even in the midst of a heated match, the Y520 remains cool thanks to its strategically engineered fan system that efficiently vents the heat out.

Hassle-Free Customization and Recording
Lenovo’s built-in Nerve Sense helps you customize settings with ease and makes recording your game highlights and victories easy as pie.


Also published in GADGETS MAGAZINE March 2017 issue
Art Direction by Theresa Eloriaga
Photography by Carlo Dans Isidoro
Make-up by Boombee Bartolome
Hair by Marciel Aunzo
Styling by Jonah Mendoza
Shoes by STRUT
Assisted by Jael Laura Mendoza
Model: Cláudia Portall of Ideal People Management