Maxim E-hailing shares how to secure a ride during peak hours in the PH

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    E-hailing users know that it can be hard to get a ride at certain hours, especially during peak hours in some big cities. Due to high demand, the time of waiting for rides may increase, while order prices may also spike because of the traffic jams. Maxim specialists share a few tips on how to outsmart rush hour and secure a ride at an affordable price.

    Additionally, the Maxim team explains the ordering process during busy times. Peak hours usually occur during weekdays, twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. One recommendation is to plan the trip wisely with tips and tricks.  

    The first step is to plan the journey of the day a little bit earlier, before the busy time. Traffic jams usually occur from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM, so it’s better to be prepared 15–20 minutes before the peak hours. This method can also ease the morning tension some people experience when facing heavy traffic; starting the day early can help avoid a lot of negativity. Orders are reasonably priced and easy to access, and the time of waiting for a ride is shorter.  

    The same situation happens in the evening; traffic becomes heavier at 5:00 PM. Passengers have two options: they can choose to place their orders 20 minutes before the start of the rush hour, or when busy times end, which is usually around 7:00 PM.  

    Most of the passengers who need a ride during busy hours are office workers. They usually place orders in the morning and in the evening. Some of them are willing to pay more to get their car faster, but some are on a tight budget and wait long hours to get a better price. 

    “It’s a good idea to book a ride 15–20 minutes early because this can benefit both parties,” says a partner-driver of Maxim E-hailing.  

    Furthermore, scheduling an e-hailing ride is one of the keys to getting the ride on time. Maxim provides its users with the opportunity to schedule their rides in the app by specifying all the necessary information: the pick-up and destination addresses, and the time. Once the order is made, users get the driver’s information, and they can discuss the details of the ride. Generally, this method is used by travelers who need a ride to the airport to catch their flight.  

    Moreover, carpooling with colleagues is the most common trick used by Maxim passengers to save money and time. The company allows its passengers to include up to three drop-off addresses in one ride; this feature is popular among users who stay in the same neighborhood and come from the same location.  

    “I use the carpooling method to send my children to school on a busy day. The driver comes to pick up my three children who go to different schools. This helps me save time and money, and I can focus on my work,” says a user of Maxim E-hailing.  

    Lastly, all of these tips are recommended to all users. The time of rush hours may vary depending on the circumstances. Now, traveling by e-hailing during peak hours is still a choice, so get a comfortable ride and save more time.  

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