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Top 10 VR Mobile Games

Looking to step up your gaming experience? Have a VR headset, but haven’t explored anything outside Youtube 360? No worries, because we have searched far and wide through the App Store and Google Play, to find the best VR mobile games on the market – and most of them are free. From first-person-shooters, to sci-fi and horror games, Virtual Reality seems to be slowly but surely taking over all genres of digital entertainment.

Minos Starfigher

Enjoy this heart-racing adventure from the comfort of your office chair. Minos lets you live out your Stars Wars-esque fantasy by flying through epic shoot-outs in deep space. The graphics are stunning, especially for a cheaper headset like the Cardboard, making for a fun VR POV shooting game.

PHP 50.32 (USD 1) Download for Android

Hidden Temple

For the Indiana Jones fans, this is the perfect game for you. No, it does not come with his famous whip, but this puzzle-room adventure from HandyGames is a fun time for the office-procrastinator. Hidden Temple is a great brainteaser for all ages, withjust a touch of action to get the heart pumping.

PHP 202.82 (USD 4) download for Android and iOS

VR Noir: A Day Before The Night

Here we have one example of well-made VR storytelling. VR Noir is an interactive crime thriller where players take on the role of detective Veronica Coltrane, a PI with a haunted past. With its attention to narrative detail, VR Noir stands apart from other apps, which tend to have much simpler objectives and stories – giving us a glimpse of the potential ways that Virtual Reality can change the game for digital media.

Download free for Android and iOS


VR has been dominating the horror genre and Sisters: A VR Ghost Story is one of many great examples. The game has a strong resemblance to Resident Evil, except it utilizes a more immersive first-person perspective. The sound design is incredibly effective, and the scariest part is gathering the courage to look over your shoulder.

Download free for Android and iOS

Proton Pulse

Adding a futuristic spin to a classic format, Proton Pulse elevates the arcade-style, brick-breaking game to a whole new level with VR. The graphics are absolutely stunning, and the controls are very versatile, allowing you to switch between hand controls and head-tracking movements on the fly.

Download free for Android and iOS

Wizard Academy

To become a true Wizard, you first must master . . . algebra! Wizard Academy is a learning game that makes education fun and engaging, a sneaky way to make you—and your kids—smarter. The app is free, but needs a ”controller” (that you can buy online) and a Cardboard headset (which you can build yourself).

Download free for Android and iOS

InCell VR

In the spirit of educational games, here’s a good one for all the biology nerds. InCell takes you inside the human body at a microscopic level, where you, as the player, have to outrun and outmaneuver a impeding swarm of the influenza virus. The art style in the game is beautiful—although inaccurate to the anatomy of an actual cell. Still, InCell is one exciting ride, full of obstacles, twists, and aerodynamic maneuverability.

Download free for Android and iOS


Similar concept to InCell, this game delves deep into the human mind. Instead of fighting off viruses, your mission is to cure a patient by eliminating “neurons” that are causing depression. Again, the game features amazing graphics, and the controls are incredibly simple, all you need to do is tilt your head to “steer.” InMind is a fun adventure with a sweet, uplifting objective – it’s a shame that the game is so short, but that makes it easier to take turns between friends.

Download free for Android and iOS

Vanguard V

For a deep-space shooting adventure game with more depth, you might want to look into Vanguard V. In this game, a deadly parasite from worlds unknown is about to enter the Earth’s atmosphere. Your mission is to destroy the parasite before it decimates the entire planet. In this epic chase, you’ll fly through the Earth’s atmosphere, surf the ocean’s surface, and dive deep through a tunnel that leads to the planet’s core. This game has everything—action, a good story, and great graphics.

Download free for iOS

BattleZ VR

Gather a team of like-minded zombie hunters to defend your home, in Google Cardboard’s first multiplayer first-person-shooter game. Also, the game has introduces an interesting element where you can turn your back on other players for bonus points. Be careful who you trust! Side note: there may be dragons involved.

Download free for Android and iOS