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TV Shows to Debut at Snapchat

Ready to watch quick content while on the go? Snapchat is soon to launch Snap TV,  an original TV show service that aims to bring shows of all genres at the duration of three to five minutes. Adapting to the short attention span of  social media audiences, Snapchat aims to bring innovate content through video.

It is without a surprise that various media outlets already use Snapchat to push their content; it’s quick, interactive, easily customizable, and perfect for the attention span of millennials. Taking a peek at Snapchat will reveal a variety of content. There’s news from CNN, Entertainment from MTV and Buzzfeed, short documentary features from National Geographic and many more. You name it, they have it.  Snapchat is rich in  genre and in content.

Now, Snapchat is pushing for video content  that  still fits  its short duration style. Saturday Night Live was one of the firsts in creating mini shows for Snapchat. Now, there is more coming. Pushing further their video content initiatives, the social media giant has partnered with Vice Media, BBC, ABC, ESPN, A&E, and many more. According to the Wall Street Journal, Snapchat aims to produce at least two to three episodes of original tv shows in a day by the end of 2017.

In our busy world today, attention can be scarce. TV companies are adapting to bring content in a swift manner that still encapsulates the essence of the material. Once the shows start rolling out, one thing to look forward to is how creative and how much content they can bring in that time limit. Binge watchers need not to feel that guilty for wasting hours and hours of time to finish their beloved series anymore;catching up wouldn’t be that of an issue. Also, Snapchat plans to retain its content rather than removing it after 48hrs.

TV shows will appear in the stories tab of Snapchat and will start rolling out within the year.