WRIO Keyboard Now Supports Filipino Language

    We have all had our bouts with the default keyboards on our smartphones: there’s autocorrect messing with words you’re typing and the ill-spaced keys which induce error. You can say goodbye to all these with the WRIO (Write It Once) Keyboard app.

    This app was designed to provide an optimal typing experience on touch devices such as smartphones and tablets. It boasts of intuitive new functions and features such as aptly-sized keys which are arranged hexagonally, two centrally located space keys, and special characters that are faster to reach. To minimize typing errors, it comes with an intelligent auto correction and is able to adapt individual typing behavior.

    Its Touch-optimized gestures allow quick access to special functions. To capitalize, users just simply have to swipe up. Meanwhile, a swipe to the left deletes one or multiple letters. If you accidentally deleted too much, you can restore text by swiping to the right.

    Language-specific diacritics (e.g. the é) can also be typed easily with a slightly longer tab on a letter. The user decides which diacritics are displayed by choosing from 35 languages. This makes it easy to write in multiple languages without the need to switch between keyboards. Also, more than 2,500 emoji are included along with different themes to match each person’s taste.

    For users worried about falling victim to cyber-attacks, WRIO promises that everything you key in using the app will stay on the device and are never transmitted to the cloud.

    Convenient gestures and a completely optimized layout allow WRIO users to type 20 to 70 percent faster. The development team also actively listens to issues reported by users, this allows them to make improvements precisely and provide valuable feedback.

    The app has also recently added user support for Malaysian, Indonesian, and Filipino users. For limited time only the app is available for PHP 19 instead PHP 249 in the Philippines.

    WRIO was created by the Swiss start-up icoaching (

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