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Apps: The Quickest and Easiest Way to Measure

For you to measure all the sides of  a picture frame or even the dimensions of your room, you’d need to whip out your ruler or tape measurer, come close, and do all the manual work yourself. If hate you doing that, then you’ll be glad to know about the iOS app TapMeasure, the quickest and most hassle free way of measuring things.

There are three main things that TapMeasure does—quick measurements; smart leveling, and  3D room rendering. Utilizing the Apple ARkit, each feature is  just as interesting as the other. We’ve recently seen Apple rollout its AR section in the App Store recently, and although many are just for fun and games, this is one of those apps with real world applications.

Quick measurements

TapMeasure is a spatial utility that merges computer vision with AR. With it, measuring objects can be done hassle-free, and in just two taps. Measuring an object is as easy as one-two-three. After opening the app, select the ruler tool. The app will automatically initialize tracking and will then  prompt you to scan a flat horizontal surface (e.g. the floor) that it will use for reference. After that, you’re all set. Simply tap the icon below to the screen to start point-to-point measurements.

Smart level

The smart level feature ensures that picture frames and artworks are in perfect, automatically. To begin utilizing the feature, tap on the Smart level icon at the  app’s main screen. As with making quick measurements, it will initialize tracking, and will then ask you to scan a horizontal surface. From there, it’s just a matter of dropping a few pins. The pins dropped  should be placed at the points of intersection of the floor and the wall of the painting. After you’ve placed all the necessary pins, you’ll be met with a alignment visual guide.

3D Room Builder

Same goes for the 3D Room Builder. Select the icon, scan for a flat surface, then drop the necessary points. Once you’re done you’ll be met with a 3D render of your room.

Tired of manual measuring? There’s an app for that! See the video for yourself, and be impressed with what ARkit can do.