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CCAP Pushes for a Safer Business Environment

The Contact Center Association of the Philippines seeks to fortify cyber security and data privacy compliance through implementing necessary plans of action discussed in its press conference held last July 27, 2017 at the Robinson’s Cybergate Alpha, Pasig. The discussion included several matters on how the Philippines can further prepare itself for data privacy and security in the age of digitization.

Efforts to Update the Country’s Data Privacy, Cyber Security, and Governance

Among the serious steps the Premier BPO association is taking is its upcoming data privacy summit, the Data Privacy Asia 2017, one of the biggest data privacy summits  in Asia. Scheduled for July 20, 2017, at the Makati Shangri-La, Manila, the summit aims to make clear privacy-related issues as well as encourage a culture that puts the Philippines at par with Global Data Privacy and Security standards.

“The Industry has been playing an active role in educating our members through forums as well as answering data privacy-related issues in some of our conferences. The summit is in response to that growing need to educate and also accelerate our expertise in the industry,”  said Achurra-Parekh, CCAP board director and trustee for CCAP security council.

An average BPO employee handles 100-250 transactions in a day. With the amount of data each employee holds and processes, it is only fitting that preventive and mitigative measures be placed  in the top most priority. According to CCAP president, Jojo Uligan, the Data Privacy Summit would be a the perfect avenue for the Philippines to further improve its guidelines as well as proactively advance its means in the area of data protection and privacy.

“Part of the objective is to communicate the trends and the threat landscape on cybersecurity when processing millions data, and to establish the Philippines as a country with advanced data protection and privacy regulations to address these threats, ultimately to make the world entrust their business data with us,” Uligan added.

Beyond discussions on data privacy and its relation to the industry and country, the summit will also see global perspectives and international experts to further detail discussions on best practices and future collaborations.

Collaboration with the National Privacy Commission (NPC)

Aside from the planned summit, CCAP is also working close with the National Privacy Commission by supporting and aligning relevant programs in the industry.   Boosting  the country’s reputation as a preferred BPO destination, the further implementation of Republic Act 10173, also known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012, will strengthen the country’s capability to handle big amounts of data securely, said   Espie Bulseco, learning series taskforce lead of the CCAP security council and senior director for business excellence at Hinduja Global Solutions. “Overall, the Data Privacy Act of 2012 will increase the number of foreign investors leading to an increase in our position as a leading BPO destination”, said Bulseco.