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This Mobile App from Google saves Data Usage

The American tech giant Google has designed a tool that will help people in managing their mobile data.

Called as Datally, this smart mobile application efficiently monitors and controls your Internet usage in just one tap. It efficiently shows the allocation of the data usage to your mobile device and enables you to stop all apps running in the background.

According to the report, its data saver function can keep up to 30% of mobile data. Tracking your data is now made simple through its data usage metrics that presents your usage history and trends over time. It also suggests nearby Wi-Fi networks on your location for a better online experience.

Ideal for postpaid mobile data subscribers, the Datally as it names suggests, functions as your ultimate ally in terms of recording your data.

Google’s branch in the Philippines has been testing the said innovative app for several months already and has attracted up to 500,000 users.

Take a look of the app through its official advertisement video:

Android users may now download Datally in Google Playstore for free.

Source: The Verge