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CES 2015: LG unveils 2015 OLED TV line-up, home appliances, and G Flex 2

Kicking off the 2015 CES, held in Las Vegas, is Korean electronics giant LG. The company took to the stage its many “innovation(s) for a better life.”


With the proliferation of smart technology and connectivity, the Internet of Things (IoT) has become a reality; and LG believes it’s going to be even bigger this year. LG banks on this and visions of maximizing the value people get from this trend with its suite of products. During the press conference, Dr. Skott Ahn, LG Chief Technology Officer put the spotlight on LG’s Web OS 2. This improved version of the operating system for smart TVs now has a simpler user interface, supports 4K streaming, and is twice as fast, delivering a better user experience. In addition to that, LG’s Web OS 2 is able to pair with its wellness platform, actively developing to automate the home and as well as connecting to smartcars.



Being at the forefront of OLED technology, LG has announced seven new TV sets. This suite of OLED TVs range from curved and flat models with sizes varying from 55-inch to 77-inch, all of which sport 4K Ultra HD resolution. LG’s new sets are set to deliver perfect blacks and color, generating draw dropping picture for the complete and immersive viewing experience. According to Ahn, 60 percent of LG’s product lineup for this year will have 4K resolutions.

LG Music Flow System

Rounding out the home entertainment experience is LGs smart audio hi-fi system, Music Flow. This modular audio system delivers a customized listening experience by allowing the users to build a complete wireless network of speakers that can be controlled with mobile devices via LG’s Music Flow app. Also, throughout 2015 LG will be releasing Blu-ray and home audio devices, so be on the lookout.

LG Front-Load Washer and Multi-Door Refrigerator

LG Washer 2

Head of brand marketing for home entertainment and appliances businesses, David VanderWaal, introduced LG’s latest kitchen innovations. Part of his presentation, VanderWaal categorized chores: stuff people want to do; and stuff they have to do. In lieu of LG’s vision of making life better, the company’s newest range of washing machines and refrigerators aim to make chores less of a hassle and more of a recreational activity.

LG Washer

An industry first, LG’s new front-load washer represents the next generation of wash. The Twin Wash system presents two washers in the space of one, this allows users to do two loads at once–one at the top for heavier load and for tiny pieces of clothing at the bottom. Also, the Mini Washer at the pedestal can be bought separately and combined to any of the brand’s new suite of washers. Users are also given access to program custom cycles and get alerts when the cycle is done on their mobiles via LG’s SmartThinQ. LG’s Heat Pump Technology, present in its Eco Hybrid Dryer, was also highlighted. This technology recycles heat, resulting in reduced energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission.


LG also showcased its multi-door refrigerator. The minimalist yet modern-looking fridge repels fingerprints with its dark-colored design and comes with a double door-in-door unit which adds a second door system on both its sides. The latter ultimately helps conserve energy as you only open the door that carries the item you need, not the entire fridge.


LG G Flex 2

Last to take the stage was LG’s brand marketing senior manager Frank Lee, introducing the brand’s latest mobile innovation, the LG G Flex 2. He covered three main areas of the G Flex 2 in his presentation: design, innovation, and convenience.


The G Flex 2 sees mobility and comfort merge through a beautifully curved smartphone. A beauty on the outside the newest G Flex features 4 curves and a 5.5-inch 1080p Full HD OLED display; a beast on the inside, it is fitted with a 64-bit octa-core chipset and runs on Android Lollipop.


A revved-up version of its predecessor, it also comes with a 13MP rear camera integrated with OIS and Laser Autofocus technology plus an improved self-healing back panel—soothing scratches in a matter of 10 seconds. Lee also spoke of the G Flex 2’s enhanced durability, making the phone more resistant to damage in the event of drops—as the curve better absorbs shock and dissipates it.

Screenshots by Mia Barrientos