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IP-Converge and Symantec come together for SME data backup and protection.

According to the World Risk Report published by Germany-based Alliance Development Works in October 2012, the Philippines ranks as the third country in the world that is most prone and vulnerable to disasters. This means that your data is, unfortunately, quite likely to get lost, corrupted or, given the nature of the Internet, compromised. The frightening reality is that the vast majority of SMEs do very little to protect and backup their data, and those who do often do so in a manner that leaves information in a location that can be easily compromised. Backups on flash drives, while hands, fast and convenient, will do little for you if the physical device is lost or stolen.

IP Converge Data Services, Inc. (IP-Converge), a wholly-owned subsidiary of ePLDT, Inc., announced that it is partnering with Symantec, a global leader in security, backup and availability solutions, to launch IPC Backup Cloud, the Philippines’ first and only cloud-based enterprise data backup service powered by Symantec NetBackup. This allows their services unrivaled reliability and access to SMEs and puts the smaller fish in the same league as the bigger players who have greater access to resources and manpower when it comes to data protection and backup.

The availability of IP-Converge to the SME means that they will now be able to business on a level playing field with large enterprises. IP-Converge’s infrastructure means that clients will be able to implement a business continuity plan in the event of a disaster, without the need to implement complex in-house backup systems, without a huge CAPEX to worry about; just a simple, predictable monthly fee based on the amount of data backed up. The archiving, backup and recovery software also allows users to keep mission-critical data safe and available for future reference, as well as backtrack and access archived data for reference to new projects.

The service is the first of its kind in the country, and gives cloud backup service to local businesses, along with servers stored in-country, as well as local service and support. HEad over to www.ip-converge.com for more info.