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Ellen Adarna is Dressed to Kill


Ellen entered the room with an assertive smile on her face, seemingly prepared for what was about to transpire. Though dressed in the most casual of clothes, she had a confidence about her, which one would naturally expect from her undisguised personality.

When asked what her idea of a smart lifestyle is, the model/actress pointed to a balanced way of living where there’s equal work and play to facilitate a healthy and happy life. She’s always been an active person, she says, and she does multiple feats in order to keep in shape. With exercises ranging from gymnastics to plyometrics, weight training, boxing, and Muay Thai, it can be startling to learn how she works out three times a day and more than fifteen times a week, but for a fitness enthusiast like her, this is quite the norm. As for her diet, she tries to eat clean 90% of the day.

Admittedly not the techie type, Ellen uses her smartphone and laptop to an advantage. Apps she’s expressly keen on include photography apps such as Instagram and Camera+, and, as might be expected, fitness apps that she makes use of when she couldn’t go to the gym. This is what she loves best about her smartphone—she can exercise anytime and anywhere, whether it be on set or miles away, on an island somewhere.

With the kind of training that she does, Ellen has picked up few protective tricks even with her tiny structure. She believes she’s athletic enough to safeguard herself in an urgent situation, saying, “I can definitely throw a good punch and do some high kicks. Also, because I’m so small, I could just be on stealth mode and nobody will even notice.”

Given these skills, she might as well fit into the role of a spy. We were curious to know what kind of mission she would like to be on if it were likely, though she answered broadly with the kind of assignment involving the highest form of espionage. “A spy will never say what the mission is,” she added with a smirk on her face.


The Ellen we met posed ever so confidently for the camera, like she was born for the task. Standing in her tiny frame, wearing high heels and a smart outfit, she gave great representations that made every frame count. We had fun throughout the shoot as she was an interesting personality to work with. At the end of the hour, it was another mission accomplished.

Now what’s next for Ellen Adarna? Apart from the weekly Bubble Gang and some endorsements, a movie project, perhaps? Spies don’t divulge. That, we have yet to find out.


Ellen left the room as if she was walking into a new mission. With her trusty smartphone, she is off to kick some butts. If you’re working with someone like Ellen Adarna, be careful, she has a few fighting skills to boot.

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Photography by Jay Tablante
Art Direction by Cla Gregorio
Make-up by Qua for Laura Mercier
Hair by Stephen Dale for Phyto Paris
Styling by Addie Mendoza
Clothes by GAP, Calvin Klein, and Topshop
Shoes by Nine West