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Ineos wants to make the future greener for us all

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Bioenergy producer Ineos Bio recently released news that it is now able to produce usable quantities of ethanol from waste and non-food matter. While everyone else is busy feeding their hunger for oil, the North American company has been busy working on processes that use gasification and fermentation to convert bio waste into bioethanol and renewable electricity. What makes the whole process special is that it takes them minutes what other processes would normally take days to accomplish.

“We are producing commercial quantities of bioethanol from vegetative and wood waste, and at the same time exporting power to the local community — a world first,” said Ineos Bio CEO Peter Williams.

The process also allows waste products that would normally take up space in a landfill to instead be used to produce power, effectively killing two birds with one stone. They added that residents would soon be able to take their yard waste straight to their Vero Beach, Florida facility for processing.

This represents a major milestone in green tech, and might just be what the world needs to solve both the waste and energy problems we all face. It’s only a matter of time before it trickles down to less-developed areas, but one thing’s for sure: it can’t happen soon enough.