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Nano architecture gives you your own modern space

My demography professor made it very clear to me as we studied human population and growth, is that as we continue to multiply and grow in number along with our unlimited wants and needs, the fact remains that our resources remain limited. And one resource people may underestimate what for all the wasted of land used for parking lots, is that of space.

Nano House: Innovations for Smaller Dwellings by Phyllis Richardson features a variety of alternative shelters that are more ecological, flexible, and efficient while infusing a modern sense of style and comfort. Forty small-scale habitats in the book showcase innovative solutions for houses where space is at a premium and nature as well as surroundings is preserved.

One example is the Soe Ker Tie House, designed specifically for disasters with its easy-to-assemble above ground structure. Something many of our own fellow flood victims might want to consider. Or even those who want to migrate to our congested cities.


Source: Coolhunting