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Paco Pili: the Superhero with the Super Tools

Paco Pili conquers the world of handicraft with Bosch Cordless Tools

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Every day we sing praises about the greats of the different industries yet we fail to listen to the stories of the unpopular heroes; hear the tale of the unsung young hero, Bosch Cordless Tools Ambassador Paco Pili.


Paco Pili had a bright future ahead of him. He was a marketing graduate and at a young age he had a promising position at a local bank yet the young artist decided to give that up to pursue upcycling.

What started out as a simple hobby soon became his full time job and slowly Paco’s artistic talent caught the attention of several individual. His company began to grown and up to this day, it continues to expand.


Creativity and innovation is the key to upcycling; Paco believes that his innate resourcefulness is a significant attribute when it comes to conceptualizing his projects. However these are not enough to succeed in the business, as turning his ideas into reality became the young artist’s problem; “Hindi naman ako makapag-execute kasi wala naman akong tools” [I cannot execute my plans because I did not have the proper tools].

He needed reliable, durable, and accurate tools to execute his plans. Fortunately for our young artist, Bosch unveiled a winning array of high-performance cordless tools that will enable him to achieve the best results for his construction needs.

The Bosch GSR 180 Drill/Driver and the GSB 180 Impact Drill cordless tools were recently introduced to the market. Each tool boasts leading-edge ergonomic features, with optimal weight, torque and power which enable the tools to deliver top performance while ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality.

Bosch GSB 180-LI Professional

Paco’s interest was piqued when he heard about the cordless tools: “I expected na mas dadali yung trabaho; madali kasi siyang gamitin tapos precise and accurate siya” [I expected it to make the job easier; it’s easy to use and it’s precise and very accurate].

Indeed, the GSR 180 Drill/Driver and the GSB 180 Impact Drill got the job done. Both tools feature a 13mm keyless chuck, which made it easier for Paco to transition from screwing to drilling. It also carries an LED Light that can illuminate dark working spaces, which serves a feedback signal by flashing its light when the Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) is triggered. Best of all, both of the tools’ changeable carbon brushes allowed him to use them seamlessly at a longer runtime.

More than the efficiency and robustness of GSR 180 and GSB 18, both of the tools are capable of extended lifetime thanks to the Bosch Li-Ion power battery. The tools are also equipped with the Bosch ECP, preventing the hardwares from overheating, overloading, and deep battery discharge during heavy use. The tools run on 18V 1.5Ah batteries, delivering 90% extra run time with 100% compatibility across the Bosch tools and charger range.

“Very user-friendly ang tools ng Bosch; sabi nila mahina daw yung tools kasi cordless pero hindi! Malakas siya and it gets the job done” [Bosch tools are very user-friendly; some people said that the tools weren’t powerful enough since they’re cordless but no! It’s powerful and it gets the job done], the artist exclaims.


The moment he got his hands on the cordless tools, he immediately fell in love with it. Paco shared that his work requires him to get on ladders, and if he wishes to use his tools, he would need an extension cord. However with his new cordless tools, that’s no longer a problem. “Mataas kasi yung inaakyat ko so medyo hassle siya; pero dahil cordless na siya hindi na hassle, hindi na kailangan pang maghanap ng extension” [Work requires me to get on a ladder and climb and the need for an extension is a bit of a hassle however since the tools are now cordless there is no need for an extension].

According to Paco, he would give the cordless tools a ten out of ten ranking; the tools are very light, powerful, user-friendly, and very accurate – traits that help this artist conquer the world of handiwork.

For more information on Bosch, visit the Bosch website at www.bosch-pt.com.ph and follow them on Facebook www.facebook.com/boschpowertoolsph.