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ROG Unleashed: Win an Asus Cerberus headset and mouse!

Missing out on all the Manila Major fun? Watch this year’s premier DOTA 2 tourney and get a chance to win an Asus Cerberus headset and mouse. Here’s how:

“This will be our three-star mission that will be carried out by you. The Republic sees the potential in you so better make this count. Here are your objectives.”

Day 3: Mission Briefing


  1. Like Asus Republic of Gamers Philippines FB Page.
  2. Watch our livestream here -> manilamajor-rog.com/vods
  3. Guess the newest ROG Laptop and Desktop featured in the ROG Booth
  4. Tell at least 2 main features for both the Laptop and Desktop
  5. Participants must share this post and use the answers as caption using hashtags ‪#‎JoinTheRepublic ‪#‎ManilaMajor ‪#‎MMRROGDay3
  6. The sole winner will be announced on June 28, 2016
  7. Winner will get a Cerberus Headset and mouse.

For participants outside the Philippines, ROG Forum Registration is required. Register here at bit.ly/ROGPHForum.