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Parade: Elecom TK-FBP067IBK-EN

Bluetooth Keyboard

Though touch screens are great and technology has advanced enough to make typing on a flat surface enjoyable, nothing’s better than the tangible feedback of having a physical keyboard to type away on. Cue the TK-FBP067IBK-EN keyboard designed to improve your productivity while using a tablet. It’s powered by either an AA battery or via the microUSB port, so you won’t have to worry about running out of juice, or if you’re keen on going wireless, then it comes equipped with Bluetooth 3.0 for tangle-free typing. Everything’s spacious enough for comfortable tapping, but compact enough as to not be bulky. Heck, you might as well pair it with your phablet for true productivity on-the-go. We know we would.

PHP 3,000