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Quick Look: De Dolomieu Block

MacBook Stand

If you were once into the marble design trend for MacBook computers or just simply interested in anything beautiful and elegant, this one is for you. De Dolomieu has manufactured Block, a marble pedestal stand to complement the sleek design of your MacBook. Block is milled from a 14-kilogram, 6-centimeter-thick slab of white marble called Statuario. The marble’s unique design boasting intricate patterns has made the slab popular among manufacturers and consumers. The attention to design is impressive—from Italy to the factory in Germany, the slabs undergo a seven-hour process of transformation. More than being an object pleasurable to one’s eyes, the Block gives a satisfying experience to the user as he lays his laptop perfectly nestled on the smooth and cool hand-polished surface. As of now, only 100 pieces will be released—Block 12-inch (mid-2015 and newer) for MacBook, Block 13-inch, and Block 15-inch MacBook Pros (late 2016 and newer).