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Get the iPhone 5c and 5s from Smart. You know you want to.

Infographic - Smart New Subscribers

The newest iPhones have been in the market for some time now, and there is little doubt some of you already have your own. For the rest of us, the official roll-out has finally reached our shores. Smart, one of the leaders in Philippine telecommunications, has released the pricing and plans for Apple’s new wonderchildren.

The 5c will be made available starting at an easy PHP 1499 monthly, while the 5s can be yours beginning at PHP1799. Reservations for each can be made at the Smart website at http://www.smart.com.ph/iPhone, with availability starting on the 15th of November. These plans give subscribers flexible postpaid options and great deals on LTE browsing.

“Our subscribers have been keenly anticipating our iPhone plans. The good news is we’re offering a wide range of choices so they can select the plan that will best suit their lifestyle and let them experience the full capabilities of their phone – whether they need fast web browsing, extensive multimedia streaming or frequent use of data-driven applications.” said Kathy Carag, head of Smart’s postpaid business group.

Subscribers can get any color of the iPhone 5c (16 GB) for only PHP1,499 a month with the iPhone Plan 999 (PHP 999 monthly service fee plus PHP500 device amortization via credit card). iPhone Plan 999 already comes with 40 free call minutes, 100 free SMS and an unlimited data connection.

Meanwhile, those interested in the iPhone 5s can get the 16GB model for only PHP1,799 a month with the iPhone Plan 999 (PHP 999 monthly service fee plus PHP 800 device amortization via credit card).

Smart is also offering both phones on other plans with adjusted cash-outs and other monthly fees. It’s a fairly complicated list, so here it is in a handy table!




Existing subscribers can even availe of the wipe out program that allows them to pre-terminate an existing contract in order to sign up for an iPhone by texting WIPEOUT to 2928 for free. These aren’t bad deals, do if you’re itching for your Apple fix, head over to the Smart website now!