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Want the new iPhone? And the one after that? And the one after that? Globe has you covered.






Planned obsolescence is something with which we all have to deal. The thing is, knowing it is going to happen doesn’t make it any easier on the soul or the wallet. Globe has you covered though. With their new iPhone Forever promo, you can always get your hands on the newest iPhone without having to pre-terminate an existing plan and sign up for a new one each time a new iPhone hits the market.

First, the prospective subscriber has to pick one of five iPhone plans ranging from 1599 all the way to 6999. Each has a consumable monetary amount, free SMS allowance and fee calls, as well as LTE browsing.
iphone forever 1


Next, they swap an existing gadget of theirs, the idea being that you swap out last year’s iPhone for the new one. While this is meant to keep you in the iPhone loop, other gadgets are also accepted based on a tier system provided by Globe. You could also just jump right in with a PHP12,999 cash-out if you would rather keep your device. The current pricing tiers are below in a handy table!

iphone forever final

This means your current lock-in period keeps running, and if a new iPhone comes in while you’re within the 24-month lock-in, your clock just keeps going, whereas if you applied for a new plan, you’d be locked in for a new 24-month period. Just swap in your previous generation iPhone. While this practically guarantees that you’re set for the new iPhones as they come in, signing up for the promo isn’t going to be around forever. You can avail of the plans from 15 November until 31 December of this year, after which, it’s back to the same pre-terminate and re-application system of old. If you absolutely, positively have to have the newest iPhone each and every time, this is probably the simplest way to go about it.