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iPhone 8 Rumors: Wireless Charging and Longer Battery Life

We only have a few months until  the eventual 10th anniversary iPhone reveal, and yet the leaks just keep coming and coming.  This time, the leaks come in the form of X-ray pictures allegedly taken by a Foxconn Employee during the engineering verification test (EVT). These reveal hints of wireless charging, a compact design, and a L-shaped battery.

Every iPhone 8 rumor has to be taken with a grain of salt, apart from the definite HomePod leak that came straight from Apple. When it comes to  leaks, consistency is the key. At December of last year, AppleInsider published an article  that revealed supposedly leaked Apple documents for this year’s iPhones. Even as early as december of last year,  the article covered rumors of 3 iPhone releases, a sandwiched glass design, an  OLED display, an “invisible” home button, wireless charging, and more. What’s interesting is that the documents back then contained the internal codename “Ferrari” for the high-end release.

Consistency is the key to reliable leaks. In the most recent EVT leak, the codename “Ferrari” once again surfaced. Just a coincidence? Possible. The engineering verification test is  performed on early prototypes to be able to troubleshoot and identify potential problems as soon as possible. Thus, the leaked images  are months old and perhaps even taken just weeks or months after December’s leak. To simply put, the leaked images have some age on it, so take it with a grain of salt.

The leaked images reveal the engineering layout of the supposed 10th anniversary iPhone and  provides a hint of wireless charging via a inductive wireless charging coil. Moreover, the images show a stacked logic board design to supposedly make room for a much capable L-shaped battery that’s bound to pack the iPhone with additional juice. Other details include findings on the dual-lens camera, and new 3D front-facing sensors for the front camera.

Dubbed  the “iPhone 8”,  Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone, is set to be released in this year’s fourth quarter. With the constant leaks, it’s hard to tell if Apple will unveil any more  surprise features.