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New dock connector coming with the new iPhone 5, Apple will sell a dock adapter

There’s a saying that the only constant thing in life is change. That’s true in life and gadgets, we suppose, as rumors are now circulating around the web that Apple’s new iPhone 5 will introduce a brand new dock connector when the new model launches this year. The old, 30 pin dock connector will be replaced using a much smaller one, though sources close to the matter says that Apple will be selling a dock adapter to allow the new iPhone to connect with legacy accessories. The change in dock connector is major news because that means hundreds of thousands of aftermarket products, which range from simple speakers to car audio docks use Apple’s standard 30 pin dock connector. The question is still out if the dock adapter will allow some products to be used, as some aftermarket products currently out in the market simply do not have enough room in them for an iPod/iPhone/iPad AND a dock adapter. This also means that some users might suddenly find that some of their products may not work if they upgrade to the newest iPhone.

Source: iMore