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“Ang Segurista, Petron Gasulista!” Petron Gasul guarantees quality and safety

Petron Gasul with snap-on seal with cylinder

Petron Gasul with snap-on seal with cylinderMany of us take our kitchen LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) supply for granted; but home safety considerations should make us pay more attention to the quality of our cooking LPG. This is the essence of the new slogan Ang Segurista, Petron Gasulista, which highlights the essential safety, quality and authenticity features of the trusted Petron Gasul brand.

Sub-standard or illegally refilled LPG cylinders may be marginally cheaper but sacrifice safety standards, which could lead to accidents and the loss of lives and property. Unscrupulous suppliers may also skimp on the LPG cylinder’s fuel content, loading less than the claimed weight. And, most importantly, there is the issue of LPG quality, which can be detected through the quality of the flame produced.

Petron Gasul cylinders are manufactured to meet stringent safety standards including wall thickness, weld integrity and valve fitting. This ensures that the highly-combustible gas is safely contained in the LPG tank and poses no danger to your family.

LPG is sold by weight, with prices fluctuating on a per kilogram basis depending on world market prices. As ordinary consumers, a reliable brand like Petron Gasul gives us the assurance that we are indeed getting the correct amount of LPG that we pay for.

Poor-quality LPG produces a smoky yellowish flame that coats our pots and pans with black soot. Because of the lower burning temperature of the flame, this means higher consumption of LPG. Petron Gasul produces a clean-burning true-blue flame that is more economical while keeping your kitchen smoke-free and your pots and pans clean.

Protect your home and family. Ensure that the LPG you use in your home is safe, authentic, filled to the correct weight, and produces a true-blue flame. For your peace of mind, choose the laser-sealed Petron Gasul, the reliable partner of millions of Filipino households.