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Get the Samsung Galaxy Gear from Smart, because nobody wants to be lonely


The perfect companion device to Samsung’s amazing Galaxy Note 3, the Galaxy Gear, is an amazing device. It offers extended usability and lets you enjoy the Note 3’s amazing features even better than on its own. Smart wants you to have the perfect smatphone experience, and as such, have chosen to give offer the Samsung Galaxy Gear with the Unlimited LTE Data Plan 2000.

The device, if you have been living under a rock these past few months, plays the supporting character to the Note 3’s lead performance. With it, you can make and receive calls, view notifications and even snap photos, without having to pull the main device out of your pocket.

“As the first telco to offer the Galaxy Note 3 in our affordable All-In Plan of 1800, we are delighted to include its breakthrough companion gadget, the Galaxy Gear, in our offerings of highly functional devices,” Smart Postpaid Marketing Head Kathy Carag.

The Unlimited LTE Data Plan 2000 also offers the Galaxy Note 3 for free under a 30-month contract. Under this contract, an additional monthly cash-out of PHP 450 is necessary to avail of the Galaxy Gear. It comes out to a total of PHP13,500 over the course of the contract. Smart has always given great deals (that incidentally don’t even require you to have a credit card) to make premium devices available to their consumers, and the Samsung Galaxy Gear is no exception. If you want to have the power of the Note 3 with the convenience of a wristwatch, this is exactly the way to go.