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PLDT upgrades myDSL Biz with customizable bundles for SMEs


PLDT’s enterprise arm, PLDT SME Nation has just announced an upgrade to the current offerings of their PLDT mDSL biz packages, bundled with the latest devices and cloud solutions and even greater connection speeds to increase productivity and revenue for small and medium enterprises.

Connection speeds have been boosted to speeds ranging from 4Mbps to 15 Mbps, with guaranteed minimum speeds of 1.6Mbps, static IP addresses, a Biz Box modem which gives Wi-Fi connectivity to multiple users and a Sun 3G dongle as a backup option.

The packages come bundled with a wide range of free devices such as Samsung notebook PCs, tablets, Smart LED TVs and Wi-Fi-capable printers. Subscribers also have the option to avail of IP cameras, a 1TB hard drive, UPS equipment and Wi-Fi accessories.

“To gain a competitive edge, SMEs need to invest in technology. As pat of the continuing commitment of PLDT SME nation to develop the small and medium enterprise segment, we are offering superior business options to help entrepreneurs bring their business online, streamline their operations, enabling them to connect better and faster to their suppliers and their global counterparts,” said First Vice-President and head of PLDT SME Nation, Kat Luna Abelarde.

“Our partnership with Samsung ensures that SMEs can now enjoy cutting-edge technology devices, elevation their business experience to a whole new level. Samsung, a trusted electronics leader is the ideal partner in providing seamless, fully-customized business packages, tailor-fit for SMEs,” She added.

Also part of the bundle are PLDT’s cloud services and business apps that include a website builder tool, personalized email address, space for web hosting, domain name registration and online storage, allowing businesses to leverage the unique flexibility of the cloud to their advantage.

With plans ranging from PHP 4,000/month for 4mbps, all the way to PHP25,000 for 15mbps, along with freebies at each plan, the My DSL Biz offerings give SMEs exactly what they need, no matter what size the organization.

Interested groups may learn more by heading to the PLDT SME Nation website at www.pldtsme-nation.com.ph, or by calling 101-8888.