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Razer Nabu now in limited beta


The quest to make the perfect wearable device continues, and the latest entrant to the race is Razer. The Razer Nabu, as it has been called, has entered into the limited beta phase.

The device, which combines smartphone connectivity with the abilities of the regular fitness band, with an open software architecture, allowing users to integrate it with new and existing mobile applications. First announced at the CES in January of this  year, it was voted Best of CES  “People’s Choice.” The recently-launched Nabu Developer Program puts the Nabu Software Development Kit (SDK) in the hands of interested devs, along, of course, with one of the Nabu units. Interested applicants can sign up for the Nabu Dev Edition unit and SDK FOR USD 49.99.

The Beta program, on the other hand, is a one-off event that lets hard-core Razer fans stress and bug test the Nabu. Five hundred Nabu beta testers will be selected from a pool of applicants, and provided a code that allows them to purchase a Nabu for USD 1. interested applicants can join the program at razerzone.com/nabu.

“We’ve had an array of Nabu Alpha units out to early testers and partners for the past few months, collected extensive feedback, and we’ve finally nailed-down the design of the Nabu Beta,” says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder, CEO and creative director. “We’d like to open-up the Beta Program to the wider public and our most hardcore fans, to garner more feedback towards the product’s final release later this year. Meanwhile, we already have developers hard at work building app integrations with the Nabu. We’re excited to see what fun stuff they come up with.”

The beta design of the Nabu, showcased at E3 this year, features a single OLED private message screen that sits on the underside of the user’s wrist and is programmed to activate only when the wrist is turned. This actuation feature helps preserve battery between charges. This private message screen is able to deliver any notification received from a smartphone including calls, texts, social media alerts and more.