Safe-T-Kids Flash Cards: low-tech but potentially life-saving road safety teaching tool

    Philippine statistics show that road traffic injuries are the second most common type of accidents for school children ages 5-12.  Every year, an average of 35,000 Filipino children are victims of road accidents; this translates to 263 children hurt on the road everyday.

    Addressing the need to increase young students’ knowledge and awareness of road safety, traffic signs, road rules and regulations, the Philippine Global Road Safety Partnership (PGRSP) has launched a pilot program to teach Grade 5 students basic road safety concepts through flash cards.

    The Safe-T-Kids flash cards is a set of instructional materials which can be used as teaching aids.  Colorful and attractive, the flash cards are designed to sustain interest and interaction between teachers and students.

    A low-tech solution?  Maybe.  But potentially life-saving all the same.

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