Smart gives you entertainment like never before, with its first interactive concert

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    Wireless leader Smart Communications Inc., puts you right in the middle of the party with the first interactive concert in the country. Four of the most iconic OPM artists come together to give you all a night of entertainment the likes of which you haven’t seen before.

    Raimund Marasigan, Ely Buendia, Rico Blanco and Barbie Almalbis will be sharing the stage for the Smart Bro Live and Loud concert happening on October 4, at the TriNoMa Mindanao Parking area in Quezon City.

    Smart’s first shot at an interactive concert, wherein the audience, both on-site and on-line, get to control the flow of events, is a testament to the pace at which we see connections built, and the speed entertainment happens in this day and age. The free concert will be streamed live, right to the homes of anyone who wants to be a part of the landmark event.

    “High-speed broadband internet has really changed the way Filipinos view media, starting from its creation all the way down to its various modes of consumption, ” said Michelle Curran, Data and international Services marketing head at Smart. “The proliferation of broadband internet has made it possible for artists and audiences alike to share and experience various multimedia content on a single platform, which is the Internet.”

    Putting the audience in control, the Smart Bro Live and Loud concert lets viewers go to, and vote for songs that they want the artists to perform. The fans on-site get to control stage elements, from sparks, haze and lasers to heighten the live viewing experience.

    “Smart wants to utilize all available platforms to give subscribers the best customer experience, and that includes giving an entirely new and definitely unique music event for every Filipino to enjoy. Smart has been known as the leader in innovation, and the pioneering Smart Bro Live and Loud concert is a clear testament to that, Currian adds.

    For more info on the event, and a chance to vote for your favorite songs, hit this LINK.

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