Video Game High School is the most fun you’ll see on the web today.

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    If you are a reader of this website (and the magazine that spawned it), then you will at some point have dabbled in video games. Now, if you have dabbled in video games, you will, invariably, have wondered what you could do to make a living off of your totally healthy, reasonable gaming addiction. Well, gamer champions are made, not born. Where are they made, then? In school, of course. Video Game High School is a web series from the mind of internet media visionary Freddie Wong and a small group of dedicated geeks. One of the more successful Kickstarter projects, VGHS tells the story of Brian D, a regular gamer kid who lands a lucky kill and gets propelled into stardom, and the most exclusive gaming highschool in the world: VGHS. Yes. Gaming high schoolIt’s exactly what it sounds like. We could tell you more, but the series is only four episodes deep, so head over to and get watching.

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