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Get some games and help charity all in one go, with the newest humble bundle


Who says gamers can’t make a difference? The latest humble bundle lets you download almost a dozen mobile games, for whatever amount you choose, and donate to Child’s Play Charity and the Electronic Frontier Foundation all in one go. The games, Epoch, rymfkapsel SpellTower Swordigo, Ridiculous Fishing and Kingdom Rush, can all be yours for a minimum of USD 5.40. You can then choose to give any percentage of your payout to either the developers and/or the charities.

The bundle has a little bit for everyone. You’ve got a shooter in Epoch, the space game rymdkapsel, the word game SpellTower and a lovely hack-and-slash game in Swordigo. Pay more than the average, and you also get Ridiculous Fishing, the tower d game Kingdom Rush, and Kingdom Rush, the lengthy driving game Desert Bus, the fast-paced counting game, Hundreds and the mysterious action-adventure game, Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor.

Head over to to get your copy now!