Lenovo lets you take a quick peek at… Something?

    Uncategorized Lenovo lets you take a quick peek at... Something?


    Just as everyone is releasing news on what the MWC has in store for everyone, Lenovo  has released a snapshot that has us wondering what they have in store. Where Samsung’s watch-tease (clocktease?) Has been revealed to be the not-Android Galaxy Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, Lenovo’s picture on the tweetybox has all of a single corner of some sort of screen.

    It appears to be a tablet, as it seems to have a ront-facing camera on the center left-hand bezel, but apart from that we have no idea. It could be a Windows slate, a new Android device or something else entirely, but we’ve been asked to “checl back tomorrow @1pm EST” to see just what they have in store. We’re hoping it falls squarely in the “something else” category, as the market is already extremely saturated with low-cost Android tablets, followed closely by options in Windows. We’ll be keeping an eye on the latest from each of the manufacturers’ announcements, so stay tuned!

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