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Globe gives subscribers a treat with unlimited, free Facebook access for three months


Everyone and their dog is on Facebook. This is a fact backed up by solid statistics. To prove this point, I’m actually willing to wager that one of your open tabs at this moment is, in fact, on Facebook. Globe knows this, and they know just how important it is for us Filipinos to be constantly connected, sharing every amazing thing that happens throughout the day. To prove their point, they’ve decided to give each one of their 36 Million subscribers free access to Facebook via their mobile phones for a solid three months this Christmas season.

Available to all prepaid, postpaid and TM subscribers on both smart-and feature-phones, access to the world’s most popular social networking site through either the Facebook app or any browser of their choice. Users can browse, like, share, post photos, chat, and everything else they usually do on Facebook without the need to latch on to an internet connection.

Globe has worked closely with Facebook engineers to bring this milestone to all their subscribers, while making sure they don’t unwittingly use up their load. If the users hit a link that will take them outside of the free Facebook zone, users will be informed before proceeding, giving them the choice to go back.

Seeing as a lot of customers run an average of exactly zero pesos, Globe has allowed customers to loan 10MB of data for PHP10, which will be deducted from their next load transaction, allowing them to browse data outside of Facebook even when their accounts are tapped out.

“Once again, Globe has proven that it is the mobile data service provider of choice by industry and technology leaders around the world with this breakthrough partnership with Facebook to give our 36 million subscribers uninterrupted, seamless, and worry-free Free Facebook experience. This is collaboration resulted in the best and most innovative Free Facebook experience yet,” said Peter Bithos, Senior Advisor for Consumer Business at Globe Telecom.”

Globe is progressively rolling out availability of the service to cover all its subscribers by the 31st of October.